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Alpine hut holiday in the Pongau region in Salzburg

Holiday in a mountain hut in Obertauern

Chalet holiday in the Salzburg mountains

Have you always wanted to spend a holiday in an alpine hut in the middle of the Salzburg mountains? We can offer you the experience of getting to know the simple life on our mountain farming area. The seclusion of our alpine hut near the Obertauern resort is a real highlight, and although you may not have home comforts like running water, Wi-Fi and TV, you can witness fascinating sunrises, enjoy some fun and relaxation, and recharge your batteries surrounded by the peace and serenity of nature.

Our alpine hut is located between the village of Radstadt and the Obertauern resort and is managed by our alpine herdsmen, who serve drinks and snacks to visitors and are responsible for processing the milk. You can also sample our strong alpine cheese made locally on the hut.

Our cows, calves and young cattle also spend the summer up here on the mountain.

The day begins with a morning wash at the well in front of the alpine hut – a pure idyll! You cook on an old wooden stove. And you can enjoy the silence in the evening and be so close to the stars – something you will never forget. Warning: a stay at the alpine hut may fill you with a permanent longing...

Our self-catering alpine hut near the Obertauern resort in the Salzburg region is only available for rent in the summer months.

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